Thursday, June 5, 2014

Final Draft News & Notes

Final Draft News & Notes

-Nothing new in regards to what the Astros are doing at publishing time, which furthers my belief that they go bat instead of arm there. Still believe in Gordon, but there are four possibilities; him, Aiken, Rodon, Jackson. Kolek is not in the mix.

-Marlins are getting either Alex Jackson or Carlos Rodon, leaning Jackson.

-White Sox either end up with Carlos Rodon or Brady Aiken. Jackson has to go 1.1. or 1.2.

-I think the Conforto, Schwarber, Pentecost stuff is all fluff, they want a premium arm. They would kill for Rodon or Aiken, and Rodon might be there. They will likely pass on Kolek even if he’s available, which is almost a certainty.

-Mariners go arm, so either Newcomb, Holmes, Nola, or Freeland. I’ve heard the most chatter about Newcomb at that spot, but Nola is a close second there. Freeland should go there, but probably won’t.

-Phillies are taking a high school arm, so ignore any/all Nola predictions. After turning in a player to the NCAA, agents and college players won’t want anything to do with the Phillies and this is on Ruben Amaro Jr. They could take Nola or Freeland, but then they would return back to school. Expect Newcomb, or more likely, Holmes.

-Rockies are probably going with best available pitcher. I think Nola will last this long, but Freeland is a distinct possibility here.

-For picks 9 & 11, I have three possible guys; Touki Toussaint, Trea Turner, and Jeff Hoffman. I changed it to Turner at 9 and Toussaint at 11, but I’m having second thoughts, as Hoffman’s stock is heating up.

-Mets go best player available, which I have as Freeland for the time being. Forrest Wall at 1.10 seems insane to me, and he’s a major reach there, so I call it a smokescreen. Even if they somehow picked Wall, I would be in complete disbelief.

-Brewers taking Finnegan is highly likely. Think they are taking an arm and Fedde and Medeiros are also possibilities here.

-Padres are taking the best bat, and I think Pentecost is the perfect fit here. Conforto is a sleeper pick though. Stunned if they took an arm at 1.13.

-Zimmer and Beede are possibilities for the San Francisco Giants, but with many saying Hoffman would be the best arm in the draft pre-injury, and their history of drafting quality pitching, I think they go Hoffman. Could be a big steal.

-If the Padres somehow pass on Pentecost he will go to the Angels, but I don’t think he’ll be available. Going back on mock draft 2.0, I think the Angels will grab Tyler Beede. Conforto still has a very good shot of going here.

-I think Conforto will slip here and the Diamondbacks will grab him. Other possibility is Monte Harrison, a very toolsy upside guy. Arm is not going here.

-My pick for the Royals at 1.17, Bradley Zimmer, could fall past the Royals as they may skip on him. Foster Griffen and Kodi Medeiros are also possibilities here. I really just have no clue on this pick, but my gut says they stick with Brad Zimmer.

-The Washington Nationals are going to pick Gatewood if he’s here at 1.18, and he likely will be.

-The Reds are going arm here. Almost assuredly either Reid-Foley or Fedde here. It’s really a tossup as of now.

-Rays are going power bat, with either Schwarber, Gillaspie, or Reed going at this spot. Schwarber stands tall as the best of the three and there have been links, so I think the Rays are highly likely to take Kyle Schwarber.

-Indians are going with one of Fedde, Monte Harrison, or Gillaspie. I had Gillaspie in my mock draft 2.0, but now I think they go with Fedde at this spot and pray for AJ Reed to fall at 1.29.

-Derek Fisher, Derek Hill, Nick Howard, Kodi Medeiros, Luis Ortiz; all names linked to the Dodgers. They don’t know what they are going to do and neither do I at this point.

-Unless someone grabs Nick Burdi before 1.23, the Detroit Tigers will absolutely without a doubt select Burdi. My one stone cold lock of the draft.

-Still think Monte Harrison makes his way to the Pirates, and they want him. Also talk of Zimmer here if the Royals don’t take him. I’ve seen pretty reputable mocks have Grant Holmes for the Pirates, but I think there is 0% chance he is available here.

-The A’s do what others don’t, and that’s grabbing an injured pitcher. Before injury Fedde would’ve gone much higher (not Jeff Hoffman high, but still ten spots or so higher). Michael Chavis, Alex Blandino, and Ti’quan Forbes are also in play at this spot, but I think they go Fedde.

-AJ Reed, Alex Blandino, Derek Hill, and Derek Fisher are in play. I had Hill in my mock, but I don’t think the Red Sox know what they’re doing as of now and I’m not quite sure either.

-If Luis Ortiz falls to the Cardinals at 1.27, they’ll take him. Kodi Medeiros and Foster Griffin are also in play at this spot.

-AJ Reed has emerged as the frontrunner for the Royals pick at 1.28. Derek Hill is also in discussions at this spot. Still think there’s a decent chance they grab Michael Gettys instead.

-The Reds want AJ Reed bad at this spot, but I’m not sure he’s there. If he’s here they grab him, if not they look at Michael Kopech or Luke Weaver. Saw Sean Reid-Foley linked to this spot and laughed out loud.

-Spencer Adams, Forrest Wall, and Ti’quan Forbes are all in play here at 1.30. This is another one where I’m not sure, but I’ll divert from my mock draft 2.0 and say Forrest Wall goes here.

-Indians leaning towards bat at 1.31. They hope AJ Reed falls, but I doubt he makes it here. Michael Chavis and Spencer Adams are the two guys in contention here. Obviously Chavis if the Rangers pick Adams at 1.30.

-The Braves are praying for Michael Chavis right now at 1.32. Ti’quan Forbes it the other choice they are looking at. The selection really just depends on who is left.

-Heavy talk on Alex Verdugo on the Braves spot here at 1.33 and I think he’ll be available, so that’s the pick. Kopech, Fisher, and Braxton Davidson are also in discussions for the spot.

-Most drafts have Luis Ortiz here at 1.34 for the Cardinals, but Ortiz will not fall this far. Kopech, Davidson, and Gettys (if he’s somehow still around) are in play at this pick.

Isn’t the draft a wonderfully crazy time?

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